Here I will answer common questions about my original artwork, pricing, commissioning a piece and mural art.

How much does an original piece of art cost?

My pieces range from $50  to $500 depending on the size and material used. Contact me with inquiries about a particular piece.

How does commissioning a piece of art work?

When you decide to commission a piece of art with me I like to have a meeting to discuss the style and elements you would like in your custom piece. If you are wanting a portrait; loved one, pet, idol or self. I like to start with a photo for reference. I charge $2 per sq. inch for a commissioned piece. With the price going up depending on materials used. i.e. gold leaf, gemstone embellishments, etc.

How much does it cost to have a mural painted?

Each mural depends on materials used, space and size of the mural. A mural is an investment, I want to ensure your investment will be well loved and enjoyed and will last for years to come.

For a free estimate feel free to contact me with any questions.